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Welcome to Bahari.

We're a family run online retailer specialising in little changes we hope can help to reduce single plastic waste. With families, it's not easy to cut waste and it wasn't until we sat down together and really considered just how much of our household waste is plastic that we could really see just how big a problem it is.

So we've set about making small changes. We're launching products that we hope can help you to make the little changes that could make a difference to single use plastic waste. Ditch cling film for beeswax wraps or do away with those plastic straws in favour of bamboo or metal.

We know that one household wrapping its sandwiches in reusable cotton wraps instead of clingfilm isn't going to solve the crisis. But we firmly believe that by making small and simple changes accessible and affordable to everyone, we can make strides towards kicking single use plastics out of our homes for good.