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Reusable Beeswax Wraps - 4 Pack




Pack of 4 100% cotton beeswax wraps in various mixed designs.

Our re-usable beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to cling film.  Each of our packs contains 4 wraps:

  • Large (30 x 30cm)
  • Medium (25 x 25cm)
  • Regular (20 x 20cm)
  • Small (15 x 15cm)


Warm your wraps in your hands to make them more malleable.

Once you have warmed the wraps, they become easy to wrap around almost anything such as:

Bowls and Jars

Sandwiches and Snacks



The only things we recommend not using our wraps for are raw meat and fish.


Clean your wraps with cold water only (hot water will melt the beeswax)

You can use a small amount of mild washing up liquid whilst cleaning them

After washing, air dry and keep them in a cool, dry place such as a kitchen drawer.

Please do not use them on raw meat or fish.  We only recommend not doing so since washing with cold water cannot fully guarantee that yor wraps will be disinfected afterwards.

Please do not expose your wraps to any source of heat such as the microwave or hot water, as this will melt the wax and ruin your wraps.

Our wraps contain only 2 ingredients:

  • 100% pure cotton
  • Natural Beeswax

Zero single use plastics