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Reusable Straws

Ditch plastic straws for good with a range of long lasting reusable straws! We've created what we think is a collection of the best reusable straws all available with fast UK delivery. 




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Let's be honest. Paper straws can be a bit.... naff. There's nothing quite like paper withering inside your drink to put you off finishing it. So we went out looking the best alternatives to plastic straws that let you enjoy your drink, that don't fall apart during it and that be used time and time again.

We've pulled together a range of bamboo and stainless steel metal reusable straws all tried and tested by us personally and used by us and our families on a day to day basis.

We love these reusable straws and we hope that you will too.

It's estimated that over 4 billion straws are thrown away every year in the UK and many end up in the oceans, damaging the environment and creating havoc for marine line. There's a much better way.

Let's kick single use plastic straws out of our homes for good.