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Bamboo Straws (Reusable) - Pack of 8



Banish plastic straws from your home for good by switching to our very own 100% natural, compostable bamboo straws . They are completely odourless and have no taste to them.

Our bamboo straws are sold in a set of 8, each set comes in its own cotton pouch along with a natural cleaning brush made from coconut husk.

As a completely natural product, our bamboo straws come in a variety of different sizes.  Diameters range from around 7mm to 12mm.


Each set contains:

8 x bamboo straws (various sizes - 100% natural bamboo)

1 x pouch bag (100% cotton)

1 x cleaning brush (coconut husk bristles and stainless steel handle)

Our bamboo straws can be either washed by hand using the coconut husk brush or in the dishwasher.  They are perfectly dishwasher-safe.